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Request real-time shipping rates

  • Get a quick quote to see rates ad delivery options before you ship
  • Find the cheapest rate and service that suit your needs
  • Use our Volumetric Calculator to calculate your parcel volumetric weight
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Book online and print shipment label and documentations

  • Step by step form to guide user to enter parcel details
  • Enter new Shipper / Receiver details or select from your address book
  • Collection or Self drop off options available
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Checkout Cart

Check out and make payment

  • Cart details will show you the summary of shipments to pay.
  • Apply discount code to shipment
  • Modify / Delete items from cart
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Manage Shipment

Summary view of all your shipments

  • Shows you the number of shipments at each key stage
  • Allows you to filter and search shipment
  • Reprinting of shipment labels and documentations
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Track Your Parcel

Get the latest tracking updates of your parcels

  • Allows you to search single or mulitple shipment numbers at a time
  • Responsive web makes the results render well on mobile devices
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Topup Wallet

Add credit to eWallet using credit card

  • View eWallet credit balance
  • Simple to top up credit to eWallet using credit card
  • Track transaction history
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Batch Upload

CSV files are useful if you need to upload a large amount of information to create a batch of labels

  • Batch File Shipping enables you to create up to 250 shipments using a .csv
  • Standard template and sample available for download
  • Upload results will advise whether the upload is successfully or if there is any issues with the data
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White Label Branding & Customisation

Make our solution your solution. Put your company brand on it.

We offer customisation services for front-end such as theme and layout customisation, and back-end such as new features.


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